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Before we go further, let me tell you about how I made a hook up girl fall in love.

This drama began on the night I celebrated my 50th birthday which was also my retirement from public service, It was a compulsory retirement by myself because I had to face the family business squarely after my father had died the previous year.


After the party I was not able to sleep and I started teasing my wife for some playtime only to find out the hard truth…I couldn’t get my odogwu up…as in the thing no move at all..chai….there is nothing me and wife didn’t try that night.. at some point I was pitying the woman rather than myself because this odogwu no gree move 1 inch


My plan was always to retire at 50, face the family business and enjoy the rest of my life but how do I even remotely start to enjoy my life knowing that I can’t perform in the most important place


I moved my family abroad 10 years ago…Since then I have concentrated heavily on office work, lobbying for better postings and position so that I can retire with good benefits which I did earn eventually.


But this shouldn’t come at the cost of my man hood, my first thought was “village people” as dem don kpai my old boy shey na the plan wey dem get for me be this?


I was very quizzed by this and I called up the family doctor who told me traits like this were natural when you get old..

I told him “my friend, I am not old” which old, I immediately rebuked it. I used to walk up and down the flight of stairs at the HQ when I was in active service which is not that long ago.


I completely rejected that notion, I won’t be stuck in a life of misery, I started looking for articles on what might have caused and what might be the solution but I only saw causes. I was particularly interested in an article written by a well read professor from a university in ghana who talked about 3 things and the last one really piqued my interest.


Stress: Psychological stress can have a significant impact on sexual function. When a person is stressed, their body releases adrenaline and cortisol, which can lead to increased tension and anxiety. In the context of sexual activity, this heightened tension can lead to a faster ejaculation response. Additionally, stress can interfere with concentration and arousal control, making it more difficult to delay ejaculation.


Diabetes: Diabetes can affect both the nerves and blood vessels, which are crucial for normal sexual function. High blood sugar levels can damage the nerves responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and the genitals, leading to sensory disturbances that may contribute to premature ejaculation. Additionally, diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels, impairing blood flow to the genital area, which can affect erectile function and ejaculation control. 


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Hypertension can also impact sexual function, including ejaculation. High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the genital area, affecting erectile function and ejaculation control. Additionally, some medications used to treat hypertension can affect sexual performance.


The last one that caught my eyes was that lack of sex can weaken the manhood. He said that the little breaks from sex that married men take during marriage compounds to cause sexual weakness


What are these little breaks?


These are little convenient reasons that we agree upon in marriage that prevents men from having sex with their wives for example.


During heavy pregnancy


During child nursery


During little fights or big fights in the home


When the couple stay apart and they don’t have casual sex. He made the point that this little breaks when accumulated go ahead to weaken the penile muscle and sometimes terminates it completely if care is not taken.


He gave an analogy about how muscle and strength are built by constant exercise and they diminish when there is an acute lack of this exercise. He said “If you want a stronger arm, you must lift weights or carry something heavy daily and after you stop for a while then you arm gets weaker and the weights get heavier. Practice makes perfection, if you fail to practice you will not be able to play as someone who practices often. It is because you have lost the ability to fuck well and this is why your wife is uninterested in your sex, it is not because sex becomes boring, you just don’t know how to do it again….

Which is caused by too many accumulated sex breaks.


Not to lie to you, I totally agreed with this professor but he still didn’t give me a precise solution and even though I gained knowledge, there was still no solution.


So one time, my last born came to Nigeria from school and had to borrow my phone to complete his school assignment because he lost his phone at the airport , I was reluctant and I borrowed him even though I still had to give him the money to get another.


During the time he was home, he didn’t only do his assignment but reactivated my social media apps on my phone which I had shut off due to excessive notifications, I was on my way to shut them off again when I saw an ad talking about the best way to eradicate limpness in the manhood… I was very sceptical but I didn’t close the tab….


3 days later I checked again and read about this amazing product but there was something I didn’t understand.


The recommended dosage was 1 capsule per week and there are 6 capsules per pack…. as in 1 capsule…..ONE capsule per week…


Plus they strictly advised that you should make sure that you have action around the corner because it was very strong…


Oh boy, 1 for 1 week…this one had me thinking, my own was what do I have to lose so I paid for one as a trial.


At the end of this story, I will add my own advice on this product but for now please read on


If i buy it, where will I see woman to knack sef was my first problem..so I rang up one of my inlaws who owned 2 clubs in lekki and expalained to him…..It was easy talking to him because he is the no 1 person that always offered me girls when I was still in active service because he knew my family was away of which I constantly declined but this time…e don reach peak level.


Now that the girl part is sorted, I made a purchase on thursday and got it delivered in Lagos the same day which was impressive.


On Friday which is the D-day, I was really anxious but I summoned up the courage to go ahead with the day….


I went to island to book a room and by 8:30 pm I was in the club, I met the babe and we were able to talk a little as there wasn’t too much noise after sometime I went to the bathroom and swallowed 1 capsule with bottled water..I didn’t really feel anything in like 20 mins but after like 35 mins….my machine gun just stood up gbam…oh boy..I first laughed and smiled becuase the matter get as e be…


Sharp sharp, I signalled my cousin and went back to the hotel… At least my manhood was up and that is all the joy I needed right now but it didn’t stop there…this girl was a good rider and she was riding and riding and my manhood just stood gidigba dey collect better kpekus…. 30 mins we pin….45 mins we pin…me sef turn the babe around small dey feel like one young superstar….after like 1 hour na so this girl hold my head tight, her legs dey shake…kpi kpi…I even think say she wan turn mami water…before I know like this she just dey scream…I almost ran away from the room and that is when I noticed she was cumming..Oh boy… Old dog don learn new tricks ooo


She say make I continue o, say I don make her day until after another 20 mins me sef reach my turn (emilokan)… my body was calm and I slept off immediately until the next day…this next day almost surprised me more than the previous day because I woke up in the morning with strong erection….you no fit understand…strong erection for early morning..e don tey wey I see am…Something that I used yesterday and still working today..


I paid for another 2 nights at the hotel because the girl no gree commot hotel room so I spent the full weekend. She said she was not leaving again that I must continue ooo… I had to inform my inlaw who was just laughing hysterically at the whole gist to come and help me take her away so that I can go back home, but in sef use style collect the link and ordered 3…I don’t know what for….na him sabi


Since then this babe no gree make I rest oo..she dey even tell me say she no need the money say make I just tell her where I dey stay…no be me and you…although once in a while i still dey find her go island sha make I no lie


My advice: Please don’t use this for your wife abeg…. also don’t use this if you don’t have any action movie too..

What is VIG POWER?



Vigpower Capsule conserves the vital power and strengthens the sexual ability by replenishing the kidney


It gives Rock hard Erections, increase sperm count and improves motility and Cures Premature Ejaculation

It also increases sexual desire for men, enhances the oxygen content in blood which helps in penis erection, giving you rock-hard erections for normal sexual performance



Unlike other products that put pictures and videos of adult movie stars promising you that you will be as virile and then when you buy them nothing happens except more damage to your kidney as this products carry FAKE NAFDAC Nos


Vigpower Capsule helps with sexual dysfunctions i.e it stops premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or frequent spermatorrhea.

Benefits Of VigPower

Vig Power as the name implies is designed for confirm erection.

If you can’t handle it, please do not buy because this product is power

All Natural Ingredients

The ingredients are hand-picked, rare and powerful nutrients from the purest and highest-quality sources which combine to create a powerful synergistic effect.

This supplement is one of the 3 most potent herbal blends made from more than 6 tropical and Asia herbs such as Semen Cuscutae, Fructus Lycii, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, and other vital organic blends of potent herbs for curing erectile dysfunction.

Semen Cuscutae (Dodder Seed):


This herb is traditionally used in Chinese medicine and is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. It is thought to support kidney function and improve reproductive health. Some research suggests that it may help improve sperm quality and motility, which could indirectly benefit erectile function.


Fructus Lycii (Goji Berry)


Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for various health purposes, including promoting sexual health. They are believed to improve circulation and boost energy levels, which could potentially enhance erectile function.


Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Chinese Yam)


 Chinese yam is known for its nourishing properties and is believed to support kidney and spleen function in traditional Chinese medicine. It may help improve overall vitality and energy levels, which could indirectly benefit erectile function.


Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (Prepared Rehmannia Root):


This herb is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to tonify the kidney and nourish yin essence. It is believed to support overall vitality and sexual health by replenishing vital energy (qi) and nourishing the blood.


When combined, these herbs may work synergistically to address various factors contributing to erectile dysfunction, such as poor circulation, hormonal imbalances, and stress. For example, they may help improve blood flow to the genital area, balance hormone levels, reduce oxidative stress, and support overall reproductive health.


Each pack contains 500 mg x 6 vig power capsules

100% Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee

180 Day Money Back Guanantee Sear


Single Pack



1 VIG PRO PACK 475 Gh₵

OLD PRICE 575 Gh₵ [SAVE 100 Gh₵]







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3 VIG PRO PACKS 1300 Gh₵

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ULTIMATE DISCLAIMER: From Personal Experience this product has scattered marriages because wives were not able to handle their husbands renewed vigor and so they went ahead to have girlfriends to satisfy them.

Don’t buy this product if you choose to remain faithful to your wife (unless your wife can handle it)


Don’t buy this product if your body is fragile because you won’t be able to handle the erection.


Don’t buy this product if you don’t have a girlfriend or two.


Don’t buy this product if your wife controls the house.


The Vig Power is for men who control the house and who can make their own decisions.

In addition, with the new Social Media Act just signed into law, we are charged a sum of $2 per customer plus VAT of 7.5% for filling our forms whether you buy or you don’t buy in the end, so we are pleading with you to take precious time to consider these unfair expenses before placing an order.


If you will not be around for 5 working days, don’t place an order.

If you are expecting money, don’t place an order.


If you have to check with your doctor, don’t place an order.


We spend a lot of money providing these services to you and we pray that God will not waste your effort as long as you don’t waste ours.


We are treating a lot of orders due to excess demand, so please read the page well before you place an order, there is nobody available to explain whatever is already here on the website to you.

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