Ancient Egyptians Invented The First Wearable Timepiece

Now you can wear the newest worldwide trend on your hands –
Arabic Numerals on a Watch Dial!

The coolest watches are all about unexpected dial details.


Sometimes those can be subtle, other times not so much, but they usually have one thing in common: a dial detail in Arabic script numerals.


“Arabic” numerals usually refer to your standard digits 1 through 12 (which, along with Roman numerals, are the most common format for watches).


The Matte Flair MF-400

135 Reviews

Every now and then, however, a watchmaker decides to offer a special version featuring numerals in another language

—in this case, Arabic—and when they do people tend to take notice.

This one is a beauty, and it’s inexpensive too.

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Most other watches require a snap of the wrist to turn on, some cannot be read in sunlight and their display uses 100,000 times the current of the MatteFlair.

All these applications of existing technology still fail to produce the ultimate watch of convenience: one you can read under all light conditions without using two hands.

Until Now…

And if you’ve owned a digital watch for a year, chances are you’ve had it in for repair more than once — a very common consumer complaint.


If you’ve owned or own a Smartwatch, it’s expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain.

Your digital or smartwatch is either too thick, uses up batteries quickly, has just a few functions or is hard to read under certain lighting condi-tions.


You still have to press a button, flick your wrist, or hold your watch at just the right angle to read the time.


The MF400 is so different that it represents a dramatic departure from conventional watches.

It has a glass ampoule, charged with tritium and phosphor and sealed by a laser beam, placed behind the new CDR (crystal diffusion reflection) display.


No matter when you wear your watch—day or night—just a glance will give you the correct time.

TODAY PRICE: ₦33,000

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


All wires have been replaced with a geared engine that is hermetically sealed to protect their several thousand micro components.


The American-made Laser is shock resistant and uses a tough mineral glass crystal to protect the rugged electronics


from the everyday water and humidity tortures normally given any watch.


There’s no button to press, no special viewing angle required, and most important, you don’t need two hands to read the time.


As a business executive, you can time long distance phone calls and interviews. Lawyers can keep track of their services, and doctors can time the vital signs of their patients.


Even while the chronograph is functioning, you can still view the time—something even many of the expensive digital chronographs cannot do.


It is the ultimate watch for anybody who wants unquestionably the finest watch ever offered at any price.


The MF 400 is not only thin but is designed to conform to the contour of your wrist. A bulky digital watch can become annoying to wear—especially if you have a thin wrist.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


Digital watch accuracy depends on the quartz crystal. Even the best crystals change frequency with shock or age (especially when first produced). The MF 400 uses the new and very expensive tuning fork crystal.

It is first aged to not shift frequency more than five parts per million per year (more accurate than most radio or

TV time signals) so the extreme accuracy you expect is built into your watch from the first day you wear it.


The crystal is cushioned and solidly bonded to the crystal carrier eliminating all fine wires that may break from shock.


In short, the advanced design of the crystal will assure guaranteed accuracy greater than 5 seconds per month—year after year after year.



It’s the perfect style for you if you’re Muslim, as you can read the time with the same characters as is in your own religious text.

Even if you’re not Muslim, it’s so beautifully crafted, everyone will praise it

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


The MF400 is only 8 millimeters thick — thinner than many of the so-called thin watches being advertised today.

It has just one integrated circuit, All components are bonded directly on the watch engine.

By hermetically sealing the watch’s engine integrated circuits and using fewer components,

the MF 400 is considerably more reliable than other watches that do not yet have this complete integration.

The new CDR dial draws 100,000 times less current than any similar watch in its category so your single commercially-available Union Carbide battery lasts years longer.

In fact, here’s our warranty.


Two solid companies are behind your new Laser.


PMSL is Nigeria’s largest single source of modern products—a substantial company and a leader in the online commerce space for over a decade.



Limited to just 9,999 editions worldwide, the MF-400 watch comes in Silver or Gold and each one is individually numbered.


Applications are now open and this offer is likely to attract considerable interest, not just from watch collectors, so prompt application is advised. Don’t miss out by delaying your purchase!

Click the button below to get one of either or a set, because supplies are low.


NOTE: Only available from The PMSL Exchange, your purchase is covered by our famous 24-month money-back guarantee.

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Almost every single review, hundreds of them, looked like this:


These watches are absolutely beautiful, well-made, and quite lovely. I can’t believe the quality of the watch for such a reasonable price.



It’s beautiful and well made, strong and good quality, it’s my second one, still have the first one, this one is for backup in case I lose the first one to family or friends




Looks just as it looks on picture. There was an issue with shipping and they went above and beyond to make sure I got what I ordered. Really appreciate the help


Yusuf Amodu//Ikorodu

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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